Dear Guests!

Due to current Covid-19 regulations, Nebuta will close for an indefinite period.
We wish to everyone good health!

Nebuta team

The Japanese live their lives according to the concept called ikigai. It would be difficult to translate it in one word, the easiest way to understand it might be „the reason we get up in the morning”. It is easy to define the ikigai of Nebuta. We get up every morning to serve You the best dishes made from carefully selected, great quality ingredients that we perfected in Kobuta restaurant back in 2019.

The aim of ikigai is to find what we are good at, what makes us happy and what contributes to our larger community. In the Northern parts of Japan, the ikigai of a lot of people is the creation of a nebuta. This colorful floating lantern made with detailed work might be in the works for even a year, that they present to the public during Nebuta Festival in the beginning of August. They are paper- wrapped wooden or metal framed floats that usually get a historic or warrior scene painted on them.

Not only do we aim for perfection with our meals but with our operation as well. Nebuta is the first restaurant to utilize the semi a la carte system in Hungary. This means that the ordering and paying takes place at the counter right after arrival, then our staff serves the dishes to the appointed tables. This way You can get a quality lunch or dinner from us quickly and comfortably.

Come and taste our ramen, katsu or gyoza that were refined with meticulous work!